12 Jul 2013

Summer Maintenance Checklist

air conditionerJust when you think you’ve finished your spring cleaning, here comes summer. Add these things to your summer “to do” list to keep your home running smoothly. 

  • Hire a professional to service your air conditioning system. Make sure you change your heating and cooling system’s air filters monthly. Dirty filters will push power bills upward and may cause your system to overheat and fail.
  • Check the seals around your windows and doors. Use caulking to seal any gaps that would allow cool air to slip outside during the summer.
  • Cut back shrubbery or tree branches that are touching the roof or exterior walls of your home to reduce potential of damage or infestation from pests. 
  • Check to make sure downspouts and gutters are cleared of debris to prevent issues during summer downpours.
  • Examine your home’s exterior and lawn for signs of rodents, bees, ants and other pests and treat accordingly.
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