12 Apr 2013

Caring For Your Blinds

blindsBecause they come in many colors, sizes and materials, blinds are a popular way to decorate a window. From micro-mini to plantation-style, from metal to wood, from natural wood to bright colors, blinds add a decorative touch and at the same time, serve the function of filtering light.

As they filter the light, sun comes in and bakes dust and dirt onto your blinds. Since that dust can be hard to remove, many homeowners just avoid this cleaning chore, making those lovely blinds really tough to clean!

Even if your blinds are a dusty mess, it’s not too late to perk them up. It takes some work, and once you’ve gotten them back to good condition, you’ll need to spend time on them regularly.

Let’s get started:

  • Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner to pick up dust. Vacuum one side, rotate the blinds and do the other.
  • If you’ve neglected cleaning for a while, you’ll have to work harder. Take those blinds down and wash them gently with a garden hose, followed by a de-greasing cleanser. Let the cleaner work a bit, then rinse them. Dry them with a lint-free cloth. If you can’t get the blinds outside, put them in the bathtub.
  •  You can’t do this with wood blinds; they’ll warp if they’re doused with a garden hose. But many of the blinds with a wood look are simply faux wood made of composite materials, making them easier to clean. If you’re not sure what your wood-look blinds are made of, err on the side of caution and treat them like wood.
  • Once they’re clean, make your blinds less attractive to dust. Wipe them down with a dryer sheet after you clean them. Dryer sheets are used to remove static cling from clothing and they’ll also reduce the static magnetism of a window blind.
  • If you’re shopping for blinds, look for ones with baked-on UV protection. That helps with dust attraction, helps maintain color and protects with from warping.
  • Routine maintenance can make the task a bit easier. Once a week, grab a box of baby wipes. Run a wipe along each slat, top and bottom. It takes time but you’ll be surprised how much dirt and grime the wipes will pick up. When your wipe gets dirty, get another one and keep going until you’re finished.
  • Wearing pair of fabric gloves – or a sock on your hands – run your fingers over the blinds weekly to loosen dust.
  • Need help with a cleaning chore? Check with Allen Tate Home Services to find a trusted professional to do the job.
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