25 Jul 2012

Living Colors

paintLooking for a new color palate for your home? Take a lesson from interior design experts and consider these color trends that are fresh, yet not so bold that you’ll grow tired of them soon.

  • Gray – This “new neutral” is a great choice to balance bolder accent colors. Some grays have hints of blue or green. Bonus: These shades appeal to potential buyers if you are looking to list your home in the near future.
  • Purple – Rich purples have evolved as classic shades, but lighter shades of violet, mauve, raisin and blue-purple are also becoming common.
  • Blue – Along with the popular shades of turquoise and ice blue, look for a selection of true blues to remain decorating staples for the future.
  • Green – Always a timeless color that compliments nature’s palate, today’s greens are cycling back to olive browns and shades of teal.
  • Accents – Purple, golden yellow and pink offer an unexpected but pleasing “pop of color” that adds interest and freshness to your décor.
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