21 Jul 2011

Salt water pools and A/C blues

poolSummer is here. Here’s an update on several “hot” topics.

  • Salt water pools – Generally less expensive to operate, many consumers are converting their chemically chlorinated pools to salt water. Advantages include less skin irritation and health risks associated with chlorine and lower maintenance. You will need to invest in a more expensive generator and run it longer, and parts may need to be replaced more frequently.
  • Air conditioning – Government mandates are phasing out refrigerants hazardous to the environment, including R-22, commonly known as Freon, used in 99 percent of air conditioning systems. While Freon is still permitted for use in existing systems, supplies are dwindling and prices have increased as much as 50 percent since January. Experts recommend having your system serviced sooner, rather than later, to minimize refrigerant costs. Be prepared to change out your system to the acceptable R410A option if you encounter problems.
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